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The mobile industry has exploded in recent years and is growing faster than any other industry in history. Users are turning to their phones and tablets more than ever before to search, play, shop, and access the content they love while on the go. In fact, there has been a 400% growth in mobile searches over the past year, and by 2016, 300 billion apps will be downloaded annually. With the mobile revolution well underway, it is crucial for businesses to build a mobile presence and grab their share of the market.Push Notifications – Engage with customers instantly by announcing limited-time offers, sneak previews, new products, and more with geo-targeted push notifications. LiveAlbum – Customers can take, share, and view photos directly from the app with LiveAlbum, allowing app users to capture all the greatest moments of your party, conference, or grand opening, create marketing competitions and let users share photos of your inventory. Reports and Forms – Provide an easy way for customers to report issues, send feedback, schedule a meeting, and order products and services.

Why Our Service is Awesome We help business connect with customer. From mobile apps to mobile websites, we provide a powerful solution to grow your business on mobile and reach new heights. We build your mobile app for you with features most relevant to your business type. We also design it to match your business’ look and feel, including the color scheme, logo, layout, etc.

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Internet Usage – Mobile vs Dekstop

By the end of 2015, Mobile search will overtake all what is desktop
Can you really ignore what is happening to the industry? See the charts below :

"If your business website is not mobile optimized, you will really lose lot of profit from mobile traffic." E-Commerce – Integrate a mobile shopping cart so customers can easily purchase your products and services through eBay, Shopify, Etsy, and more. Bookings – Let customers book a table right through the app with OpenTable, Urbanspoon, or TopTable. Order Food – Let customers place an order on the go via GrubHub, Seamless, Eat24Hours, OLO, Online Ordering, and other online services. Coupons – Generate revenue by notifying customers of coupons, promotions, and special offers. Scheduling – Enable customers to make an appointment based on your available time slots, and syncing it with their calendar using online appointment platforms like Genbook, Schedulicity, and Appointy.

Internet Users (Millions)

2007 - 2015

Source: Morgan Stanley Research

Ready To Mobilize Your Business? Contact us today to help grow your business. We build your mobile app for you based on your individual business needs, for one or more of the major platforms: iOS, Android, iPad, HTML5, and Android tablets Relevant features – we customize your feature package based on your business type Custom design to match your business, including color theme, images, logo, splash screen, layout, and more Mobile website – a mobile-friendly version of your website, optimized for the mobile web experience. Make money with our vast range of ROI- generating features within the app, such as coupons, loyalty stamp cards, e-commerce, advanced find me/contact me features.

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MobyConnect.com was started in 2013 and exists to leverage Mobile Marketing on behalf of our small to medium size clients, in order to help them increase revenues and communication with clients.

Everyday, millions of people are browsing the Internet on their mobile devices to quickly find out where to eat in their particular area, where the nearest Starbucks is or even check the local traffic report. Today there are over 900 Million People browsing the mobile web. Over 500 million people never use a PC to access the internet. The likelihood that someone will buy something on his/her mobile device is over 3 times higher than buyers on a laptop or desktop computer. Having a brand company but without a mobile optimized website looks so ridiculous now, isn’t it? Well in a few months or so, running a company with no presence in mobile webspace would look ridiculous then. Many big brand companies have already made their presence in the mobile webspace. It would not be so surprising to see even individual mobile-websites in the near future.

Now a days with the advent of the latest technology accessing internet is a novel experience. Website, which is the most pivotal business tool online, is now being accessed by various types of devices other than computer. Hence it is very important to optimize the quality and the size of the website to fit the displays of these portable devices has become a matter of importance. Flexible layout, responsive layout, mobile websites, mobile web design and adjustable layouts are the terms which would mean mobile web designs.

So if your business website is not optimized for the mobile web, you are losing a lot of valuable business. MobyConnect.com makes it easy for businesses to have affordable and dynamic mobile websites.

Our clients come from all walks of life and from many different industries. From real estate agents to restaurants, from bar owners to retail stores, our clients have one thing in common:  they love to communicate with their customers through MobyConnect.com.

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